Shipment Status Update 发货通告

Hello sweeties,

Due to the landslide occurred near the custom, our stock was stuck and it will takes longer time than the ETA dates to reach us.

Huge apologies for all the inconvenience caused, and we hope you can bare with us due to this natural disaster.  We appreciate your patience and understanding, kindly wait for another few days.  We promise to do our best to send out all the parcel ASAP once the stock arrive at us.  Thanks for waiting and we apologies in the delay.

事情是这样的,货物刚过了管口遇上土崩,导致我们的货好几个麻袋都被卡在罗里上。已经苦苦等待了一星期多,但是路段还未修复完成,一切都要等待政府的安排。所以之前下单 Backorder的宝宝们,货物会比预计到货日期延迟一些些哦。

可以发的我们都发走咯。还没发货的包裹都是被这天灾影响了,宝贝们可以 Login 进去网站查看 Fullfillment status 来确定看看哦。

我们会再努力每日更近情况,只要货一到我们的手上,我们定会以最大的努力快马加鞭为大家安排发货哦,ALYN TEAM感谢您的耐心与理解。